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7 Things

ARGH!  I’ve been tagged, like a cow, or a sheep, or some other distinctly unflattering farm denizen.  Ok, more like a paint-baller, but whatever. Anyway, this is going to be hard since I’ve already done at least a couple of these things before.   7 Things You Don’t Know About Me I had a Naval […]

Dear Mother Nature

Perhaps a bit of rain each day instead of SIX INCHES in one day, eh? Jeez. Ventured out between downpours this morning to see how everything was faring. So far, so good…except the red stuff is here now… More pics later, if we’re not busy building a frickin’ ark by then. UPDATE: Everything came through […]

25 Music Questions

In searching for some ideas for Monday’s excruciating 100 Words theme, I ran across this music meme: 70 Music Questions. Well, as you can see from reading that list, some of those questions are utter shite, so I’ve pared it down to the most interesting 25. As always with the memes, if you choose to […]

Four Things

Yoinked from HF&N, more Things About Me You Didn’t Necessarily Want to Know, But Too Damned Bad:Four jobs I’ve had or currently have in my life: Barista for a major bookstore chain who shall remain nameless. The sad thing is I really, really loved this job, even though it paid something around what a third […]


Due to medical (and sheer fatigue issues), we took yesterday and today off from haring across the state, which meant I had time to perform this little self-indulgent meme thinger.WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Nope. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Shed a few unstoppable tears just this morning as the GYN was excising […]