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How’re The Kids?

The actual children (as opposed to the furry children down at the bottom there) started school this week, despite the attentions of not-a-hurricane Fay. Girlchild is in 3rd grade this year, which I expect she will ace just as thoroughly as she did 2nd grade…straight A’s all year, and she was doing third grade math […]


I’m having one of those days. You know, the ones where you feel pretty gotdamned unappreciated. (*Note for blog: When I make a post like this, I am never, EVER, talking about Husband. He is sans peur et sans reproche…and just how often do you get to use THAT phrase in a blog post? I […]

25 Music Questions

In searching for some ideas for Monday’s excruciating 100 Words theme, I ran across this music meme: 70 Music Questions. Well, as you can see from reading that list, some of those questions are utter shite, so I’ve pared it down to the most interesting 25. As always with the memes, if you choose to […]

Video Intarwebs

Video Intarwebs It’s been a tres long weekend. Have some videos. – Muppets “In the Navy” – Herbal “Elements” Shampoo Makes Men Act Like Men – Office Space recut as a slasher movie – When Harry Met Sally brilliantly recut as a sexual thriller – The True Origins of LOLCats And to our neighbors out […]

Tasty Niblets

Otherwise legitimate people who spam their entire freaking address books with their “important” and “need your help!” bullshit causes need to have their intarwebs taken away. And their thumbs, too.Have I mentioned how much I love this girl’s dancing? I do. And that Daft Punk song Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster makes me giddy. And also […]


So, did you watch Reaper last night? We had to pause it at the 10:00 mark because we were laughing too hard to see the television at that time. For those of you who did indeed watch, that’s the point in the show when the pack of dogs started chasing Sam through the store, and […]

Video Killed the Internet Star

Via the indispensable Neat-O-Rama and Cute Overload, my favorite videos from the past few weeks: Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen in Legos – Lots more Izzard/Lego bits here Real live Donkey Kong Lifting a car with water hoses Fargo, the short version Kitten eating melon Crosswalk prank Kittens playing with an empty box

Impotent Bloodthirsty Rage is Annoying*

I try really, really hard not to read the news these days…because I have a family, and they do not need to be coming to visit me in a max security facility every week after I snap and start killing those what need it. Sometimes the headlines just grab you though…Police Arrest Woman Allegedly Wearing […]


Wow, collected some cobwebs there.It’s the rainy season here in central Florida. This means temps in the high 90s, humidity starting the day around 89%, then ratcheting up over 100%, whereupon the skies open up and, yep, you guessed it, it rains. In case it was not glaringly obvious, it is a miserable, miserable time […]

Saaaave Me!

Before there was Bejeweled, and the ninety-billion knockoffs, there was Bloobs. Bloobs was magnificent, no-brain fun. Shoot the like patterns, the bubbles burst, repeat. It was (and probably still is) a spectacular timewaster.Years ago I found a game called Pop! The Balloon Dog. Pop! was, of course, a balloon dog, more or less in the […]