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Front = Finished

Another weekend, another back-breaking, sun-baking day of labor in the yard.  Yesterday we finished up the front landscaping and soil stabilization…for NOW, anyway…by extending the front planting bed down the left side of the house. Once again I suck for not taking a “before” picture, sorry, but imagine tall grass with evil thick roots attempting […]

*sweat, sweat*

We reluctantly dragged ourselves out of the beautiful air conditioning this afternoon to finish the front right side landscaping…et voila, part deux:   You don’t see this much down here in Florida, the side beds…it’s typically house meets grass in a perpendicular gathering of boredom.  My mother always had planting beds, even when we lived […]

Before and After

One of the best things about documenting this whole gardening thing is the capability to compare before and after images of plantings. Sure, you *know* things have grown, but visual comparisons are fun! The main front bed, right after initial planting in April: The main front bed today, three months later: There’ve been some changes […]

Manual Labor Sucks

There are few things as therapeutic as slogging around in the garden. If by “therapeutic” you mean “sweaty,” “back-breaking” and “rly, rly tiring.” We pulled everything out of this area yesterday (except for the crepe myrtle on the left and the robellini palm on the right–but it did get a significant haircut) because that last […]