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The Mighty Hunter

If you follow along on Twitter, you probably saw the tweet regarding the snake that lives in our pool patio drain. Here is what you can see of him.  On a clear day.  When the sun is shining directly overhead.   Here is a scale pic to show the relative size of the drain.   […]

Morning Dew, er Sweat

Usually I wait until after work to putter in the garden, but those huge empty boxes just callllled to me this morning, and our clients were courteous enough to refrain from having life or death issues, so I went on out and planted.  Typically here is where I type out a big long list of […]

Conversation Overheard by a Cat

Me (after scrubbing down the master bathroom):  Check out this supah-clean sink. Him: That *is* a supah-clean sink. Me:  I couldn’t find a junk toothbrush though, so there’s still this tiny grotty bit between the faucets. Him:  So we’ll buy a cheap one next time we’re out. *fifteen minutes later* Him (brandishing a pink Hello […]

More Kid Stuff

I’ve been doing the photoblog, one-post-a-day thing for so long that it is kind of hard to get back in the true weblog, post-anytime-you-want sort of deal.  Plus, this new project is just too much fun. Schlepped the kids to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. Boychild is huge…something we already knew just from standing […]

How’re The Kids?

The actual children (as opposed to the furry children down at the bottom there) started school this week, despite the attentions of not-a-hurricane Fay. Girlchild is in 3rd grade this year, which I expect she will ace just as thoroughly as she did 2nd grade…straight A’s all year, and she was doing third grade math […]

Extreme Closeup, The Saga Begins

Vacation in four-ish days, and I’m having trouble staying focused…except in my photography, of course! Today we take an extreme close-up tour of the homestead…actually, we’ll be doing this tomorrow, too, because when you get right up close, there’s so many wonderful things to see. (That’s shorthand for “I took a whole lotta pictures.”) First […]

Movies and Kitties

As some of you might have noticed from my Tweet on the subject, we saw Hellboy 2 Friday night… …and boy were we PISSED. You wait four years for a sequel to a movie you really enjoyed, and instead of a story, you get needlessly elaborate CGI creations. Interesting to look at, sure, but at […]

Pardon Me While I Post Pictures of My Cats

But they’re really so damned cute at this age… One pulls on the string tied around the tower, the other pulls on the end of the string in the ring. You just sit back and enjoy the show. A lull in the action… This is the usual playtime scenario…Oliver on top, BITING, and Hermes yowling […]