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Extreme Closeup, The Saga Begins

Vacation in four-ish days, and I’m having trouble staying focused…except in my photography, of course! Today we take an extreme close-up tour of the homestead…actually, we’ll be doing this tomorrow, too, because when you get right up close, there’s so many wonderful things to see. (That’s shorthand for “I took a whole lotta pictures.”) First […]

Movies and Kitties

As some of you might have noticed from my Tweet on the subject, we saw Hellboy 2 Friday night… …and boy were we PISSED. You wait four years for a sequel to a movie you really enjoyed, and instead of a story, you get needlessly elaborate CGI creations. Interesting to look at, sure, but at […]

Pardon Me While I Post Pictures of My Cats

But they’re really so damned cute at this age… One pulls on the string tied around the tower, the other pulls on the end of the string in the ring. You just sit back and enjoy the show. A lull in the action… This is the usual playtime scenario…Oliver on top, BITING, and Hermes yowling […]