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The Girlchild turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday she knew exactly, just as she always has.  For the family part she wanted to dine at that bastion of gastronomic adventure known as Steak n Shake.  (She has a passion for those skinny, tasteless fries.) […]

All Hallows Eve

For being myself a creative type, I’m still always amazed at some of the ideas people come up with for Halloween costumes.  This Wired reader’s costume gallery has some nicely original stuff:  the iPod silhouette girl, the Facebook guy…these are excellent costumes, until you’re falling down drunk at 2AM of course. Halloween was never one […]

Conversation With an 8-Year Old

Her:  I’m going to be like Uncle David… Me:  How so? Her:  I’m going to live alone and have kittens! Me:  But someday, when you’re not looking, you’re going to be smacked upside the head by Love… Her (vehemently):  I’m too smart for Love!

More Kid Stuff

I’ve been doing the photoblog, one-post-a-day thing for so long that it is kind of hard to get back in the true weblog, post-anytime-you-want sort of deal.  Plus, this new project is just too much fun. Schlepped the kids to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. Boychild is huge…something we already knew just from standing […]

How’re The Kids?

The actual children (as opposed to the furry children down at the bottom there) started school this week, despite the attentions of not-a-hurricane Fay. Girlchild is in 3rd grade this year, which I expect she will ace just as thoroughly as she did 2nd grade…straight A’s all year, and she was doing third grade math […]

Le Jour de la Mère

Yes, those are my two punks up there. They look dangerous, don’t they. Aside from their mutually-nihilistic tendencies, they’re good kids. And I wouldn’t trade them for a bag of gold. THREE bags of gold, maybe. I kid, of course. Hey, how about some garden talk?!?! Stop it, I know you’re excited. If you live […]

Losing My Mind, And Taking You With Me

As you may recall, we took the Boychild out of the bastard teacher’s class a couple of months ago, and he was assigned to a different teacher. There were some procedural things he had to get used to in her class for the first few weeks, and I did have one “sorting things out” phone […]

Growing Kids and Flowers

Ye gods I hate peeling. The itching is even less fun. This weekend starts the Great Outdoor Project. I kid, it doesn’t have an official name. We have sorely neglected the roses and they need to be beaten into submission before they start stealing local children. One already had a go at the Girlchild, I […]