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We’re Going to Need a Bigger State

Crime in Italy, a frigging Great White off Indian Rocks Beach?? I had always thought the Gulf was too warm for the bastards, but apparently not. There hasn’t been a Zoe Presents update lately, sorry about that, I know you are all out there waiting with bated breath. This morning Husband found one of the […]

Family Update

Today is the last day of school for the kiddos, summer break time. The Boychild finished on the Merit Honor Roll with all As and Bs, and received an award for the highest Accelerated Reader point totals in the entire fourth grade. The Girlchild finished on the Principal’s Honor Roll with all As for the […]

Pool Party!

Yesterday was the boychild’s tenth birthday party. Forced to invite his entire class, despite only actually liking half a dozen of them (another instance of school-enforced “parity”), five kids actually showed up. But they were all his pals, and they had a smashing time eating pizza from brooklyncraftpizza, cake and ice cream, and rampaging (as […]