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Second Spring (Continued)

Doing anything at all as long as it keeps me from pondering the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I took the camera out for a little checkup today.  The weather down here is glorious, and everything is rewarding me appropriately… Discovered the secret to getting the birds of paradise to bloom…FEED ‘EM!   The gallardia has […]

Backyard of Awesomeness

So, I told the Husband I wanted more planter boxes for my birthday…but I wanted them NOW, not in November.   Even with the “now” caveat he thinks I’m taking the cheap way out for my present, but you know, there’s only so many THINGS you need…and I’d just rather grow stuff! Friday evening, spurred […]

A Second Spring

The weather here in central Florida has become quite nice again.  Nights are in the high 60s and days are in the high 80s.  The rainy season is over, the whiteflies are dead and gone, and the humidity is a bit lower.  All that means the plants think it’s springtime again, and are acting appropriately! […]

The Green Routine

I seem to have fallen into a pattern here… A post about flowers! A post about vegetables! Macro shots! Wide angle shots! Oh well, this is just as much for me as for you, my five loyal readers, so get used to it! The Gioia della Mensa tomato plant hopes we like tomatoes…because it plans […]