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The Girlchild turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday she knew exactly, just as she always has.  For the family part she wanted to dine at that bastion of gastronomic adventure known as Steak n Shake.  (She has a passion for those skinny, tasteless fries.) […]

The Semi-Irregular Update

So, Chavez isn’t even smart enough to RIG a vote? Hilarious.I see that British teacher in the Sudan has been “pardoned.” By show of hands, how many think this was done out of the kindness of Sudan’s president’s widdle heart? And now, how many think an official note came down from the Brit PM, something […]

Cowboy Up

The Husband is a fine husband, I believe I’ve mentioned this before. I’ve been drooling over cowboy guns lately, something to which he, as a fine husband, has paid close attention. Last weekend we stopped into the local high end gun shop to see what they had lying about. The Henry rifles are gorgeous but […]

Well, Except for That Blog-Diarrhea Thing…

I turn 38 years old in a few days…and, can I just tell you, I have zero concept of that, as it relates to ME. Other than the occasional twinge here and there, I do not feel, mentally or physically, any different than I did in high school/college/in my 20s. Dick/fart jokes are still funny. […]

Pool Party!

Yesterday was the boychild’s tenth birthday party. Forced to invite his entire class, despite only actually liking half a dozen of them (another instance of school-enforced “parity”), five kids actually showed up. But they were all his pals, and they had a smashing time eating pizza from brooklyncraftpizza, cake and ice cream, and rampaging (as […]