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Companion Planting Guide

Gathered here for easy future reference: Anise Plant anise and coriander seeds together.  They will both germinate more quickly.  Keep soil moist and separate when seedlings have grown a little. Apple If planted with chives there is less chance of apple scab disease. Asparagus Becomes more vigorous if planted with parsley.

I’ll Allow It

I think we can go ahead and declare SPRING down here, with high temps in the mid-70s (80 on Friday!), and nights in the mid-40s.   And we are READY in the backyard, I tell you. Here’s where we started last year, with four lovely planting boxes.  

Clean-up Day

Three straight days of sub-30 degree weather have wreaked a good bit of havoc around here, but nothing truly unexpected.  We spent today adding things to the composter (and making plans to build a second one), and generally tidying up.   The pepper plants, which honestly should have technically been done by now, hung in […]

“Winter” Harvest

It’s less than two weeks til Christmas, and the backyard garden just keeps on giving.  This morning’s harvest included Napoli carrots, a Red Cheese pepper, a plethora of Joe’s Round and Thai Hot peppers, two Fresca strawberries, and two stalks of kailan (chinese broccoli – which will be stirfried tonight with this recipe). The Golden […]

Winter Schminter

Hmm, first day of December, let’s see what’s going on in the garden!     Well, it looks like this garden doesn’t give a rat’s arse about winter…   That’s snow peas in the back, Belgian White and Dragon Purple carrots on the left, and Kailan (Chinese Broccoli) on the right.  Oh, and in the […]

Second Spring (Continued)

Doing anything at all as long as it keeps me from pondering the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I took the camera out for a little checkup today.  The weather down here is glorious, and everything is rewarding me appropriately… Discovered the secret to getting the birds of paradise to bloom…FEED ‘EM!   The gallardia has […]

Chatty Cathys

I love my pitcher plants.  Not only are they very good at denuding the local insect population, but they’re just amusing to look at.   See?  They look like a group of little old ladies sitting around having a good gossip.  Myrtle (left) has just told a particularly racy joke to Gladys (right).   Hester, […]

Morning Dew, er Sweat

Usually I wait until after work to putter in the garden, but those huge empty boxes just callllled to me this morning, and our clients were courteous enough to refrain from having life or death issues, so I went on out and planted.  Typically here is where I type out a big long list of […]

Backyard of Awesomeness

So, I told the Husband I wanted more planter boxes for my birthday…but I wanted them NOW, not in November.   Even with the “now” caveat he thinks I’m taking the cheap way out for my present, but you know, there’s only so many THINGS you need…and I’d just rather grow stuff! Friday evening, spurred […]

A Second Spring

The weather here in central Florida has become quite nice again.  Nights are in the high 60s and days are in the high 80s.  The rainy season is over, the whiteflies are dead and gone, and the humidity is a bit lower.  All that means the plants think it’s springtime again, and are acting appropriately! […]