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Discard Thy Preconceptions

I’ve received a few comments/emails lately, asking just wtf I think I’m doing planting carrots, onions and tomatoes right now.   *sigh* Listen people…planting guides are just that:  GUIDES.  They are not bibles, they’re not edicts handed down from on high, and they’re not immutable law.  They’re the average results from the average varieties grown […]

An Embarrassment of Tomatoes

Feh, the grue has me.  I had grand plans for today…the starting of many more flower seeds, planting of more beans, new carrot beds, the potting up of the stratified bonsai tree seeds…  But the grue has me…the sneezing, the congestion, the running faucet that is my nose, all forced me to take a rather […]

Even More Carrots

Harvested 2 lbs 3 1/2 oz today: Purple Dragon, Hercules and White Satin varieties.

Pack a Lunch*

(*Sorry about these super long posts, it’s just there’s so much to see lately!) With the increase in cultivated area this year (.004 of an acre, woo!), I’ve decided I’m going to weigh our harvests as they come in, see how much a backyard “farm” can actually produce.  We’re off to a great start, harvested […]

Veggie Bloom Time

Why must plants torture us?  They can’t possibly have complex nervous systems, so how do they derive any pleasure from continually screwing around with us?  Yet, here they are, doing it anyway:   This is pissing me right off, I tell you.  All the tomato seedlings were started inside in pure peat, hardened off on […]


Sooo, how’s that vermicomposting working out for you? In a word…unfreakingbelievable.  And all we’ve utilized thusfar is worm juice (the water that filters down through the castings into the bottom of the Can O’Worms) in a 50% solution with water: But as you can see, the results are impressive: That is the biggest tomato bloom […]

A Macro Post on Micro-Irrigation

Mentioned in passing, er…sometime, that we completed the micro-irrigation in the backyard over this past weekend.  I had received two kits from family members as gifts, and since we lunched the backyard sprinkler system with the install of the pool a couple of years ago (and now have officially 4 hundredths of an acre under […]


Our typical weekend does not usually begin with elbowing our way through thousands of people, in search of both ammunition and a little house-protector in the form of a 20 gauge shotgun, but today, unfortunately, it did. –Let me just take a moment right here to emphasize that gardening and cooking are not the sum […]

How to Win Lifelong Customers

Our first order from Oakes Daylies (of only TWO varieties, mind you) came today, and in the well-packed box was: Tuscawilla Tigress – SIX separate clumps Benchmark – THREE separate clumps And the completely gratis Barbary Corsair, featuring two separate clumps.  Each clump is, of course, plantable and will grow up to be an entire […]

Saturday, As Usally*

Saturdays have become our refuge from the inane idiots we work with, the mentally-stunted customers we have to deal with, the blind-in-one-eye/can’t-see-out-of-the-other people we have to drive with on the way to and from work…  Saturday is inevitably Outside Project Day here, and I seriously, SERIOUSLY, do not look forward to the day when we […]