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Sooo, how’s that vermicomposting working out for you? In a word…unfreakingbelievable.  And all we’ve utilized thusfar is worm juice (the water that filters down through the castings into the bottom of the Can O’Worms) in a 50% solution with water: But as you can see, the results are impressive: That is the biggest tomato bloom […]

Still Scrubbing the Fingernails

Spring may have officially started last week but it’s been going strong down here for a month now. Here’s the old garden update (for those of you uninterested, skip to the end where I speak complimentarily of the movie Enchanted and the luminous Amy Adams): All the previously sprouted seeds (well the ones who bothered […]

Spring Already

We had one, count it ONE, freeze in this pathetic excuse for a winter, so I said screw it and started the seeds. For reasons I shan’t go into here, I only started the things I absolutely must have, and then only one seed each. So, on February 3 I planted rosemary, oregano, serpent melon, […]

Weather and Gardening and Still Smokin’

Florida drives me nuts, it really does. I’m sitting here right now, at 9:13AM, contemplating changing into shorts because it’s so, er, sultry out there, and yet tomorrow night it’s going to be all of 27 degrees. Maddening, I tell you. I don’t see how any of us survive. It does make for some extensive […]