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Everything’s So Greeeen

Plant envy is never a pretty sight, and I’ve got it bad for Pam’s Elephant Tongue agave, but seriously cannot find a single place in the yard to put the thing, especially considering it can get 7 feet wide. I did find a source for seeds for it though, as well as palms and other […]

Flippity Floppity

This site’s domain used to be floridabackyard.org, because that’s what it featured, of course. Then we thought we might be moving to Kansas, and I changed the domain to sekimori.org. Kansas turned out to be full of FAIL (and the cause of diabeetus), and now every post seems to be about my backyard, so here […]

Putting the Lific in Prolific

Above: the dahlias look like crazy pink lions when they’re completely open, don’t they? Looking at the old Fotos directory on the hard drive here, I estimate I took maybe 30 pictures between January and last Saturday. Thirty whoooole pictures. I think I’ve made up for it in the past two days… Psst…the rest of […]

Jerks and Jousting and…Some Other Things That Do Not Start With J’s

Here’s a fuckin’ thought…if you can’t get email, how about you open a fuckin’ ticket instead of bombarding the server with dozens of fuckin’ test messages. Stupid. *breathe* Complete lack of babysitting T-minus 4 days and counting. Hey, remember those radishes I planted last Sunday? They sprouted on Tuesday. Yah, two days later. And now […]

Idiots and Flowers

My GODS, if you are so fucking stupid that you can’t even tell who you’ve spammed, then you need to really NOT send bullshit to every email address in your address book. Nor, when contacted about it, do you need to self-righteously declare that the message wasn’t selling anything, it was “just nice positive information.” […]


I dislike many things…green bell peppers, religious fanatics, the Auburn football program. But number one and two on my list (at least right now) are weeds and weeding.”Did you put down landscape fabric?” you say. Why, yes, yes we did. And gravel on top of that. You should see how the root systems of some […]