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Bloom of the Day

Today’s bloom is Calendula “Zeolights.”  I was unfamiliar with this flower until Coriander slipped me some seed last year, but you can damnbet I’m going to be growing it every year from now on:   Also known as “Pot Marigold” the petals are edible, and it makes a gorgeous dried flower.

Pack a Lunch*

(*Sorry about these super long posts, it’s just there’s so much to see lately!) With the increase in cultivated area this year (.004 of an acre, woo!), I’ve decided I’m going to weigh our harvests as they come in, see how much a backyard “farm” can actually produce.  We’re off to a great start, harvested […]

March Blooms

Not the greatest week thusfar here at the homestead, so as usual, we take refuge in the garden. I spoke complimentarily of Oakes Daylilies last week or so, regarding their policy of slipping a little something extra into orders.  Well, we received our second order from them about a week ago, and when all was […]

Gettin’ All Springy

According to my handy Almanac, the first weekend in February represents the last freeze of the year for central Florida.  All I can say is WOOT, because moving this number of little pots in and out of the house is starting to get tiresome: Yep, we’re all about maximizing our space here, and those shelves […]


It’s been all veggie all the time around here lately, let’s see how the flowers are doing. The echinacea, who do not dig the wet/hot/Florida summer scene, have recovered nicely.  Here’s purpurea:   And Evan Saul:   The birds-of-paradise are still blooming:   Starry-eyes nierembergia:   Verbena with ipomoea:   Heliotrope entangled with the dianthus: […]

Winter Schminter

Hmm, first day of December, let’s see what’s going on in the garden!     Well, it looks like this garden doesn’t give a rat’s arse about winter…   That’s snow peas in the back, Belgian White and Dragon Purple carrots on the left, and Kailan (Chinese Broccoli) on the right.  Oh, and in the […]

May Your Life be Interesting

So far this morning I’ve had a kitten with a foaming mouth…another kitten peeing in the dog’s bed…that dog’s bed totally not fitting in the washing machine, having to be stopped mid-cycle and dragged, soaking wet, out of the house to the back patio where it had to be hosed off and now left out […]

Extreme Closeup II: Over-Budget and Over-Acted

Sorry, we had a dispute with SAG and the writers’ union, had to rename the sequel… The Don Juan climbing rose, being all coy and mysterious: The Wild Blue Yonder rose, letting it all hang out: My indispensable hose guides, protecting the roses in back and the cannas out front: The miniature rose is blooming, […]

Extreme Closeup, The Saga Begins

Vacation in four-ish days, and I’m having trouble staying focused…except in my photography, of course! Today we take an extreme close-up tour of the homestead…actually, we’ll be doing this tomorrow, too, because when you get right up close, there’s so many wonderful things to see. (That’s shorthand for “I took a whole lotta pictures.”) First […]

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Five Times. I sprayed the last remaining cucumber plant with an organic sesame oil concoction (that claimed to kill whiteflies) FIVE TIMES yesterday, and the little bastards still fly out from under a tapped leaf today. I have already found affordable exterminators in Las Vegas and am seriously going to call them. And now the […]