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I Could be Your Flamingo

Why is counting to five in German so much cooler than doing so in any other language? After another coat of color, my hair is still determinedly pink. I’m forced to assume the Manic Panic color I received is pink-in-the-wrong-container. And those of you who know I am SO not a “pink” person know how […]

Entertain Me, Won’t You?

In the past few days I’ve put a goodly number of new blogs on the reading list, subcategoried by interest, so the other people who use my list as *their* list won’t have to slog through the Gardening/Foodie links when all they want are lolcats. I like WordPress’ integrated Blogroll tool for this, since it […]

Lots of Things

Oh, if I only had the energy, I’d love to write something about the inevitable backlash from household pets over being lolcat-ed. There’d be protests, sit-ins, mournful interviews with the press (“why do you HATE us so??”). Michele, go write that for me, mmkay? Managed to get the old Pixelpost entries/comments imported yesterday (thanks to […]

Can’t Seem To Stop Banging My Head on the Desk

A few months ago (before all this diabetes diagnosis, or even the suspicion of same), the husband’s eyes went south and he had to get his prescription updated. Yes, yes, we know NOW that blurry vision is a symptom of blood sugar issues, but we didn’t know that THEN. Anyway, we paid quite the exorbitant […]

Ash and Needles and Donations at Gunpoint

They sky rained ash yesterday. Little pieces, big pieces. Ash, coming out the sky.Now, since Florida doesn’t have any active volcanoes (that we KNOW of), it’s natural to assume that some farmer is doing a controlled burn to get rid of the godsforsaken palmetto scrub that infests fields like the plague down here. (Yes, I […]