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GAHD I Miss Tara!

For pity’s sake, it went and got HOT.  In typical Florida fashion, spring ended with a whimper a few weeks ago, leaving us with 90 degree highs and 70+% humidity.  Just a walk outside in the morning leaves you dripping with sweat. And it makes your cucumbers cry like little babies.  Ooh, my leaves are […]

The Big Picture

You guys know I’m all about the macro shots. Nothing pleases me more than to get up into the flowers, pistils and stamens everywhere… Ok, that sounded sexual, sorry. Innnyway… Today let’s have some wide angle shots, see what the big picture looks like. The tomatoes are killing me, really. They were started indoors in […]

Easily Pleased, and Aren’t You Glad

Typically I could care less about silver hairs…thanks to heredity I’ve been getting them since I was in my early twenties. But a silver eyebrow hair? Give me a freaking break. I am fairly confident the wildflower mix we threw down out front consisted of more than just zinnias, but zinnias are surely all you […]

Everything’s So Greeeen*

It rained the entire time we were in Hell Pensacola, and the plantsies have rewarded us magnificently… Up top there is one of the billion creepers the cucumber plant is sending out, desperately grabbing at anything it can find, much like its insane sort-of cousin, the wisteria. The other cucumber plant in that pot, if […]