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Recipe: Maraschino Cherry Chicken

Well, aren’t we just the cooking fools around here. Yes, yes we are.This recipe was inspired by the abysmal movie “Six Days, Seven Nights,” which had absolutely nothing else going for it. Well, except a seriously hilarious Harrison Ford pratfall. Aaanyway, after being stranded on an island, Ford’s character manages to thwack a peacock and […]

Recipe: Best Evar Tomato Bisque

In the past two years of experimental cooking, we’ve learned that simplicity is key to Good Flavor. Leave it to the Froggie chefs to bother with sauces that require 97 ingredients and 12 years of simmering, we haven’t the time or energy to sod around with that sort of thing. (Plus that would kind of […]

Recipe: KC Style Rib Rub and Rib Sauce

The Husband loves to cook things over fire, and I love for him to cook things over fire. Because I like you people, I’m going to share with you my rib rub recipes. I’m going to trust you to keep them secret, and not go running to post them on the Internets where just anyone […]