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Even More Carrots

Harvested 2 lbs 3 1/2 oz today: Purple Dragon, Hercules and White Satin varieties.

Spring Harvest

Carrots are one vegetable the entire family agrees on, which is exactly why we have 10 varieties growing right now.  We know we love Purple Dragon, and Hercules is quite tasty.  Today’s harvest is the Kinko Mini, which only gets about four inches long:   That’s a good 10 oz of carrots there.  The flavor […]

Carrot Bouquet

The good thing about carrots is they’re tasty at almost any stage of growth, which is particularly handy since these Parisier Market carrots tend to grow at hugely different rates, even when planted at the exact same time.    Our curiosity is marked “completely satisfied” with this variety.  Sure, they’re cute and photogenic, but flavorwise […]

Today’s Harvest

For my non-Twitter peeps, here’s today’s harvest:   Belgian White carrots, Purple Dragon carrots, and Oregon Sugar snowpeas. That’s an early harvest for the carrots (the rows needed a bit of thinning), and another cup of snowpea pods.  Which I am eating right now.  Nom.

“Winter” Harvest

It’s less than two weeks til Christmas, and the backyard garden just keeps on giving.  This morning’s harvest included Napoli carrots, a Red Cheese pepper, a plethora of Joe’s Round and Thai Hot peppers, two Fresca strawberries, and two stalks of kailan (chinese broccoli – which will be stirfried tonight with this recipe). The Golden […]

Winter Schminter

Hmm, first day of December, let’s see what’s going on in the garden!     Well, it looks like this garden doesn’t give a rat’s arse about winter…   That’s snow peas in the back, Belgian White and Dragon Purple carrots on the left, and Kailan (Chinese Broccoli) on the right.  Oh, and in the […]

Everything’s So Greeeen*

It rained the entire time we were in Hell Pensacola, and the plantsies have rewarded us magnificently… Up top there is one of the billion creepers the cucumber plant is sending out, desperately grabbing at anything it can find, much like its insane sort-of cousin, the wisteria. The other cucumber plant in that pot, if […]