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AI Top 36, Round 1

Finally, tonight American Idol gets out of the pseudo-drama queen pageant and into the actual competition.  And since we’re no longer doing the Idol snark blog, I’m just going to have to do my snarking here. Onward!

Tropics Schmopics

Curse it. *^#&^%$^$& and other “colorful metaphors.” Apparently we moved the pickling cucumber into the enclosure just a tad too late, as the two I picked tonight had neat little holes bored into them. A quick knife confirmed that the bastard pickleworms had take up residence, and were nomming their way through my damned cukes. […]

Jersey Curse

Roy Orbison was a fantastic musician, songwriter and a huge influence on rock & roll, and music in general. His epic Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night (buy it!) stands as one of the greatest gatherings of musical-type folks (all die-hard fans of Orbison, all volunteers) ever, all intent on honoring his […]