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*sweat, sweat*

We reluctantly dragged ourselves out of the beautiful air conditioning this afternoon to finish the front right side landscaping…et voila, part deux:


You don’t see this much down here in Florida, the side beds…it’s typically house meets grass in a perpendicular gathering of boredom.  My mother always had planting beds, even when we lived in Saudi Arabia (though the choices there were naturally limited to the native plants we dug up out of the desert), so I really had no choice about creating planting beds all the way around the house.

Yeah, Husband doesn’t believe that one either.

Anyway, the total materials cost was about $300 and it took us two half days to complete.  Now my gingers are safe from the ravages of the crazy-arsed grasses we have down here, and my irises will have plenty of room to spread out.

And look at all that empty real estate into which I can put even more plants!!!  Muwahahahahhahahahaaa!!!