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Moved the sodding Twitter update box down to the bottom since they have so many damned load issues. Hey guys, it’s called failover, look into it.Ok, you install an (open-source *spit*) application from the one-click installer we so helpfully provide. One day it starts erroring. Oh noess, whatever should I do. Well, Genius, the first fucking thing you do is go to that app’s support forum and SEARCH on the damned error. Not real complicated. And oh look, there’s only about forty-seven people having the same problem, and oh look again, they’ve all figured out what the problem is and how to fucking fix it.

The fact that you prance around like a little ballerina who doesn’t want to get her tutu damp doesn’t make me any happier with you. If you’re going to run some damned app on your site, then you really, really need to know something about how to deal with it when your fuckstupid activities make it go tits up. The fix took about eleven seconds, and is so fucking far outside of our provided services as to be carpet cleaning that you’ve permanently made my List of Clients Who Couldn’t Extract Their Own Heads from Their Own Asses Even With the Jaws of Life Lending an Assist.

That’s not a good list to be on, people.

Oh, if anyone couldn’t comment over the past day or so, that’s now fixed. I am r00t!

Well, back to solving more people’s self-created problems. Growl.