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Strangers in the Night

Out checking on the world this morning – yanno, like a gardener obsessed with weather/rainfall/pests/etc. often does – and noticed a disturbance in the Force…  Or at least the mulch:


Yeah, the new echinacea are blooming (that’s Tiki Torch on the left and Tomato Soup on the right), but who has been futzing around here??


Further investigation shows even more disturbances on the east side of the house.  Digging around the coreopsis:


At the base of the Evan Saul echinacea:


And jiminy freakin’ christmas, the neighbor’s yard – which looks like utter shite most of the time anyway due to their policy of being out of the country for months at a time – is utterly holed:




Since they’re more divots than holes (and we’d have surely heard if there were actual golfers playing through) I’m thinking armadillo at this point.  They root around in the bracken looking for tasty bugs, and will dig the occasional hole as well.  I’ve nothing against the little guy getting his midnight snack on, but have you seen those things?  Seriously, they’re unweildy!  It’s only a matter of time before he squashes something for which I have a particular fondness, and then those useless weenies at our HOA are going to be getting QUITE the phone call.  

I sure am glad we have the backyard fully fenced!  An armadillo rooting around in the veg beds is not something I ever want to experience.