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Does anyone else find it insanely hard to thin out seedlings? Drives me nuts. You have to plant more than you need because you don’t know if all the seeds are viable…then when all the little bastards DO sprout, you have to yank out 3/4 of them so the rest can live. I hate it.

Those are marigolds up there, Queen Sophia variety, I believe. Yes, we’re going to be COVERED in marigolds.

As soon as I get some more snack baggies I am packaging up seed donations for Caitlin and mom-in-law, so if anyone else wants some, now is the time to sing out.

Had a long meeting tonight with the Boychild’s teacher, his Alpha teacher, and one of the assistant principles. They clearly care about what he’s *not* doing in class, to make such a turnout, I just hope to xst the boy gets everything he heard through his head or he’s going to be repeating the fucking fifth grade.