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Spring is Springing

I know it’s only January, but it’s in the 70s down here (with occasional psycho-making dips into the 20s),  and the seeds for spring planting (approx. March 1) are already making good time.


That’s tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, sunberry, ground cherry…and a whole buncha other stuff.

The maple seeds that came whirlybirding over the fence on the 18th of this month have also sprouted:


Particularly since these sprouted in about 9 days, they are most likely Florida maples, but it is entirely possible one of the neighbors have some exotics lurking behind the screen of pine trees.  Highly unlikely, but possible.  The waiting to see is half the fun.

The results of last week’s frosts are still showing up.  Every leaf on the fig had to be removed.  The fruit seems fine thusfar though.


The carrot seeds hid out underground during the cold and then immediately sprouted on the next 70+ degree day.  Have to remember that technique…


The romanesco was protected by its cocoon of leaves, and keeps fractal-ing along.


We harvested the rest of the Red Rocket Purple Dragon carrots today.  They didn’t get blitzed by the frost but neither did they particularly enjoy the whole experience – their tops lay down and never really managed to get upright again.


Husband has informed me, by the way, that we never have to grow any other variety of carrot, the Red Rocket Purple Dragon will do him just fine.  He coulda told me that before I planted 12 different varieties a few weeks ago, eh?

He so very kindly removed one of our backyard honeysuckles last weekend, in preparation for installing The Bean Boxes (long narrow boxes against the fence that will hold our climbing beans, with melons planted underneath) this weekend.

Well, he got *most* of it.  We’re going to need a pony nuke for this bit, I think.


And finally, the Great Bearded Iris Experiment appears to be paying off, for this Batik iris has not one but three buds on it.


That’s me, the gardening rebel.