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Spring Already

We had one, count it ONE, freeze in this pathetic excuse for a winter, so I said screw it and started the seeds. For reasons I shan’t go into here, I only started the things I absolutely must have, and then only one seed each.

So, on February 3 I planted rosemary, oregano, serpent melon, tigger melon, sun gold tomato, both san marzano tomatoes, the cream sausage tomato, the topepo rosso pepper, red bell pepper, green peas, pinapple melon, and a pickling cucumber.

7 days later the pineapple melon, cream sausage tomato and gioia della mensa tomato had sprouted. 5 days after that they were sufficiently tall to have to be moved out of the sprouting thinger and into separate pots…where they immediately started to wilt. So, even though they were tall enough, they still required the humidity of the sprouting thinger. Solved this by covering them with clear plastic cups for a few days. Removed the cups yesterday and all three plants have their second pair of leaves and are making for the sky.

The sun gold tomato, sweet pea, and tigger melon sprouted 4 days later and have undergone the same routine as above. I finally gave up on the others that haven’t sprouted and replanted them.

We also gave into the kids’ pleading and started nine avocado pits in mason jars back on the 3rd. 20 days later a few have split in half and appear to be thinking about possibly considering maybe sending down roots. If they feel like it.

Purchased already in plant-form, were thyme, basil and sage, my cooking staples. They were planted in pots last Saturday and here a week later have already doubled in size. I may whinge about the weather down here but the plants surely do love it.

Today, because I am apparently easily swayed by the power of suggestion, we bought a Meyer lemon tree and a Key Lime tree (both 3 gals) that will stay in pots at least through this year, possibly permanent-like, again depending on circumstances. We also picked up a promising Japanese maple to start training for bonsai.

*sigh* We really need a greenhouse. And some land. *SIGH*