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Sorry, I Only Speak QWERTY

So, the doctor’s office called today, to tell me the uterine biopsy was normal, but that my bloodwork showed I was a bit anemic. Yeah, that’s what happens when you have month-long periods. Anyway, they wanted me to start taking an iron supplement, then come in for retesting in 3 months, stay on the b/c pills, etc. etc. As the nurse-person was telling me all this, I was working on the laptop in the living room. I opened a text file, typed her instructions, then sent the file over the house network to the Documents folder on my desktop computer. Before I went out for the afternoon, I copied the text file to my T-Mobile Dash, which I then used at Target to remind me what the sodding iron supplement was called.

Yeah, I’m so damned wired I should have a cerebral shunt and be fighting off a guy named Smith, but I’m actually worried I’m going to forget how to form characters on paper with a pointy implement. The only thing I regularly write, my signature, looks like a S to which someone took a blowtorch, resulting in a long trailing squiggle for the rest of my entire name. The few checks I do write are damned near incomprehensible, even the numbers, which doesn’t worry me that much as almost every bill we have is paid over the internet (could you get into the 21st century already (insert city name here) Electric??). However, gods forbid we should ever have a ‘net meltdown (especially considering John McClane is a fictional character and not around to save us), as I’d be really stuck for communications then. I’d have to actually…talk to people.