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So, How Was Your Day?

I don’t know what parent is going to shell out $150 for frames for their kid’s glasses. (Well, I do, but we are SO not those people.) The frames in question are little bits of wire. Fragile bits of wire. On the faces of kids. The Eye Express people are always vaguely insulted that I bring my child to them for an exam, but ask to take the prescription with me. Why, no, we won’t be buying exorbitantly overpriced frames from you today, thank you very much. The boy is TEN. An active and volatile TEN. And cheap frames from WalMart or Target, with GOOD lenses in them, are perfectly fine. So stop glaring at me, ya big cow.On an unrelated note, there is no bigger slice of hell on earth than a grocery store in central Florida around 4PM. God bless the old and near death, they still have to buy groceries. And wander aimlessly through the bakery section. And stop in the middle of the aisle in produce to try and remember what they were there for. And forget how to work the little machine-thingy that pays for everything. The day I snap, I just know it is going to be in one of these situations.

When you speak of me, speak kindly.