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Sky Water

It rained last night  and thankfully I had my home Flood Defences set, so you know what that means… Yep, pictures of things with water on them. Try and contain your joy.

We did not actually plant Cypress Vine this year:

Apparently actual planting is not required if you’ve EVER had it anywhere in your yard EVER before.

The rose leaves are particularly good at catching and displaying water drops:

As are the roses themselves:

Tropicana Rose

The Society garlic holds a few drops:

The Key Lime tree seems to have sprouted little water fruit:

The Sungold tomatoes aren’t much bigger than the drops they hold:

The Parisian Pickling cucumber reflects the screened enclosure…

…and itself:

The spiderwebs are the best, though, with their wire-strung jeweldrops:

Water from the sky has so much more profound effect on the plantsies. Speaking of, I have to go rig something for the Sultan’s Golden Crescent beans who have completely outstripped their mini-trellis.

A mini-trellis…wtf was I thinking, honestly?!