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Shopping and Terror and Vocabulary, Oh My!

The Husband and I should not be allowed to visit Bed, Bath & Beyond together. —Interdicted— Went in for a new pillow. Came out with a new pillow, some pillowcases, a new dust buster, filters for said dust buster, some garbage disposal disinfectant thingers, a fridge odor absorber, new oven mitts/pot holders, flexible silicon chopping mats, and a new plunger. Bad, it’s bad when we shop together.The new pillow, though, is a miracle of modern science. It’s a solid fact that there’s nothing better than the cool side of the pillow. Stands to reason, then, that some sort of air conditioned pillow would be nirvana…well, except for the inevitable neck cramps. Anyway, after doing the hand-heat touch test on every pillow in the joint, we found this beauty. It’s made of something called “memory foam,” which ordinarily would have me running the other way, but is undeniably cool, and seriously comfortable to sleep on. As an added bonus, the thing weighs about 2 lbs, so you’re the automatic winnar in any pillow fights.

In our other shopping rounds this weekend we picked up Grindhouse Feature #1 Planet Terror. Oh, what to say, what to say… Not a big fan of watching zombies pull people’s (simulated) guts out, honestly, but this was a highly entertaining movie. My general vague dislike for Rose McGowan was lost in my thorough enjoyment of her utterly cool Cherry Darling character. “Useless skill #37,” is now in our permanent lexicon.

And El Wray…oh, El Wray. I’d first seen Freddy Rodriguez in Scrubs (no, we were never Six Feet Under fans, kthx), where he plays Nurse Turkleton’s brother. He was deadpan and kind of subdued in that role, so, eh, nothing special. As El Wray, he steals the entire movie. It helps, I know, that he’s the absolute antithesis of every Horror Movie star, evar…he’s decisive, experienced, absolutely deadly with any weapon, possesses multiple skills that will save the survivors, and he is a Good Man. Also my new favorite horror movie character of all time. “I never miss.”

So, Planet Terror…exactly what you think it is, but still very entertaining.

Ran across this “game” on Neat-O-Rama last night, and spent a good bit of time decreasing my visual acuity playing it: Free Rice Vocabulary Quiz

It’s not so much a game as a…gimmick, I suppose. “For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to a hungry person through an international aid agency.” Yeah, donations to hungry people are good…it’s the “grains” bit that kind of torques me. I’m sure it’s meant to entice you to play for quite some time, but that reward for the hungry people just seems a bit…stingy.

And seriously, these people need protein too, you know.

Still, it’s fun to stretch your brain on some of these words. The words on Level 50 are arse-kickers.

Finally, I forgot quite how much cartilage piercings hurt. OW.