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In lieu of actual content (blame the wrestling practice, back to school dance, wrestling meet, soccer practice, soccer game, etc. etc. etc. etc.), here’s some amusing search strings I’ve received lately…

How+to+sow+marigolds+in+florida – That’s easy…throw them on the ground then jump back really quickly.

old+lady+in+garden – Heyyyy, I do NOT resemble that remark!

mother+nature’s+garden – No, it’s MY garden…containing MY sweat (gallons of it), and MY blood (bonked my finger with a lime tree thorn), dammit.

when+to+plant+vegitables+in+florida (sic) – Excellent question.  And here’s a handy guide to planting vegEtables in Florida.

dirty+versions+of+peter+piper – Ha!  If I had ’em, I’d sure give ’em to you.

extreme+close-up+shots+of+tractors – Please, for the love of Pete…get off the internet!  Find a girlfriend instead, it’ll be so much more rewarding.