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Saturday on the FARM

Pay attention, my fellow garden travelers, so you do not repeat my mistakes…

For instance, read the package and if your tomato claims to be “indeterminate” avoid placing him in an elevated planter:


Yeah, that topmost twiglet there is about 9 feet off the ground.

Speaking of tomatoes, we’re growing some outside the protection of the pool enclosure this year, so we’re trying a couple of different things to prevent deforestation a la hornworm, both of which happen to be quite scarlet red which is alleged to aid in fruit development.  We shall just see about that.  These round red things are the Tomato Craters:


And this is the “mulch”:



I hope they work because they’re really gaudy as hell.

In other parts of the garden everything is progressing nicely.  These are the original four planting boxes (click for details):


I had to actually remove a pumpkin plant today (we had three) so I could access the rear box here to string a trellis for the red rice beans.  


Yes, it hurt to do it…big strapping healthy vine.  *sob*

All the first round of pepper plants are fruiting, but this paprika is putting them all to shame:


This shows where we’re putting the potato bins.  


Husband is building another one just like it to go on the left side of that fence section, then we’ll be trying Gardener’s Supply Company’s potato bag in between them.

We decided you can’t be growing this many things, spend this much time taking care of them, (regardless of how little space it all takes up) and NOT consider it a farm.  So, the backyard is officially renamed, and it is *so* rum/Coke and icepack time.