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Saaaave Me!

Before there was Bejeweled, and the ninety-billion knockoffs, there was Bloobs. Bloobs was magnificent, no-brain fun. Shoot the like patterns, the bubbles burst, repeat. It was (and probably still is) a spectacular timewaster.Years ago I found a game called Pop! The Balloon Dog. Pop! was, of course, a balloon dog, more or less in the shape of a weiner dog. The object of the game was to navigate him through balloon pathways suspended in space. If Pop! fell off the path, he would flail his little balloon limbs, look at you mournfully and go rrowf! rrowf! rrowf! as he fell. (Listen closely for the *pop* yipe! there at the end.) It is still the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen. (The download link above is for a 10-level demo. Since the company is defunct, I can say this…email me if you want the full 87-level key.)

In a sublime fusion of Bloobs and Pop! (courtesy of the indispensable Neat-O-Rama) we now have a game called Bloons. The monkey tosses darts, the bloons asplode, etc. etc. Be warned, it is addictive and you’ll need some sort of mouse-hand support. And, eventually, vision correction.