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Respect Yourself…Because They Sure Don’t

I’m a child of the space-rocket era, ergo there aren’t very many things I miss about times gone by. Holding a public figure up to ridicule when they make as big an ass of themselves as this Kanye West pissant does on a regular basis is something worth missing, however.And, you know, reinstating.

Inasmuch as I pay attention to this sort of horseshit, this is at least the second time this pitiful little boy has thrown a highly public temper tantrum when he didn’t get what he thought he should, and yet his “fans” keep signaling approbation by purchasing his CDs. Now, I know this is a lot to ask, but if someone acts like spoiled little bitch, how is it not to everyone’s benefit to treat them like a spoiled little bitch, and spank them where it hurts most, ie. his record company’s bottom line? Yes, controversy sells, but if any of you people calling yourselves his “fans” possessed one neutron of common sense (or actual standards), then you’d eschew the blatant manipulation and look to someone with something resembling artistic integrity.

I swear to Zog, people, the fact that this shitbird has the GNP of a third world country, and gets their buck-toothed picture splashed across less-discerning rags, does not mean he is exempt from behavioral standards. If this is the kind of person you idolize then how much must you despise yourself?

I’m sorry, that was far too many polysyllabic words for the average Kanye West fan, wasn’t it. My bad.