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Recipe: Chile Oil

Though I only planted one Red Rocket pepper and one Thai Hot pepper plant last year, if you grow peppers you know how they produce.  So I’ve dried them all, and now here I am with bags and bags of supremely fiery peppers and a family with wussy gringo palates.  

What to do, what to do…



Make pepper-infused oil, obviously!

That’s 750ml of olive oil and about 1/2 cup dried* and crushed peppers, though I did leave a few peppers whole for visual appeal.  That’s going to sit in a cheesecloth-covered mason jar (needs to breathe to really get the infusion process going) for about two months, or until it’s nice and pepper-red.  I’ll just rebottle it in the original olive oil jar (which is having its label soaked off as we speak) and be set for chile oil for, oh, WEEKS at least.

*Dried, yes.  If you use fresh then the joy of botulism shall be yours.