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Proportion Blowing

Well, I said I wasn’t going to post anything on this…but seeing as I’m actually from the South, perhaps some things need to be said.Yes, there are still people in the Deep South who will throw a noose over a tree limb. Yes, it is stupid, and utterly low-class. Go ask any 100 people in Louisiana/Alabama/Mississippi what they think of such an act and from most you’ll get an immediate expression of disgust. It’s the one or two who think such a thing is “funny” that are the cause of continuing trouble.

We who grew up in the South know quite intimately the history of the region. Kind of hard to forget when it is being thrown in your face in every history class, multiple holidays during the year, etc. etc. No, it should not be forgotten, but neither should it be placed on a pedestal and worshipped, as some seem intent to do. Racism is kept alive by those seeking power over others…otherwise useless failed politicians, ersatz “spiritual” leaders, and power-hungry scumbags.

In the town my husband grew up in, there were places he didn’t go, places that were predominantly black. There were also places that were predominantly white. (It is the nature of people to culturally cluster, but that’s another show.) The point is, even with that atmosphere, which still exists in most Southern towns today, when something like a noose or burning cross shows up, the entire community expresses their displeasure. And not by beating the hell out of each other.

No, the boys charged with attempted murder did not deserve that. They did participate in beating someone into the hospital though, and therefore should be appropriately charged. If the local prosecuting attorney cannot have any common sense in the matter, then he should be relieved of duty and his bar license.

The same goes for anyone NOT appropriately charging white kids in similar incidents…only there haven’t been any incidents similar to beating someone into unconsciousness. There have been other fights, yes…boys always fight, regardless of what color they are. But if you cannot control yourself to the point where you endanger someone’s life, then you are going to get charged more harshly. That is rule of law.

In my opinion, appropriate punishment for all involved would be public flogging. Yes, including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and whomever is prosecuting this case with inappropriate aggressiveness. It seems the only way to teach the lesson about appropriate behavior…which not one single participant in this fiasco has yet displayed.

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