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Pretend There’s a Title Here

So there I was, feeling all better after two weeks of hacking and sounding like Selma Diamond… Today’s coughing, while productive in the removing-crap-from-my-lungs department, has given me a spectacular headache, one of those that feels like fire when you turn/jar/move your head. No, I’m not thinking the P word, primarily because I’ve not once had a fever during this stupid cold-thing. But, just damn, I’m tired of being sick already.

My Polaroid 100 Land Camera came the other day. It’s in spectacular shape, appears to be in fine working order. Takes an act of god to get film for the damned thing, however…I had to actually order the 667 pack from Adorama. Five days and five bucks shipping for 10 exposures ain’t gonna get it. Watching the utter confusion crawl across the spotty faces of the punks working the film counters in various mega-marts hereabouts is quite amusing, however.

The Boychild’s teacher continues to…vex. The homework load piled on this kid is truly astounding. And he is flat fucking FAILING math. Those of you who have met him know how smart he is. He has this thing about authority though, and being (as he perceives it) forced to do something. I, being the one who spends the most time with him, have learned the fine art of manipulation. His teacher, being brusque and LOUD, has no chance. And frankly, me being the one that’s doing all the math teaching around here, I don’t have any fucking sympathy for the man. He’s failed my kid. Within limits, teachers have to recognize the needs of their individual students and this guy apparently couldn’t care less. It’s a damned good thing he’s retiring, I just wish it had been LAST year.