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Pop Culture Interlude

I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance (title is irritating me, btw) before this season, so I’m a bit mystified by what happens when the final 10 are chosen. I gather it means random partners or something like that by the look on poor Gev’s face when they reminded him he would no longer have his Courtney to moon over next week. Those two are just adorable.

Mia Michaels, who I swear is fae (and was ROCKING the one-shoulder top last night), is a hardass, isn’t she? Telling Will he’s been carrying poor Jessica all season. That was harsh, lady. And what’s with mooning over Thayne? Tell me, fellow SYTYCD watchers and/or dance experts…is he really all that? He has got to rein in that Joker smile, for sure, otherwise he’s pretty generic to me.

I have to say I was ready to hate Katee after the unnecessarily dramatic audition shows, but damn if that girl doesn’t make the rest of them look like club dancers. She also makes her partner Joshua, who is seriously impressive on his own, look like he has lead in his shorts.

Comfort, bless her heart, is just boring. Not so much from a technical standpoint, she just doesn’t have star quality. Same for Chelsie…fantastic technical dancer, but boooring.

Kherington (my gods, her mother should be SLAPPED) has turned out to be far better than I expected her to be. And she’s just adorable.

The rest of the group is kind of ‘eh’ for me. And if they do not completely remove the sodding Quickstep from the rotation, I shall lodge a protest. It’s an idiotic dance, that apparently no one can do well enough to please the judges. Dump it! Bring in some more world dance!

Since we’re on a pop culture tear here, I have a couple of authors to complain about. I read all sorts of things, but do have a fondness for stories with strong female characters…and why wouldn’t I? I, myself, am a strong female character. 🙂 It is fine, of course, for the character to be clueless, immature, whatever she needs to be in order to start her progression towards whatever she is to become, but I swear to Zog, just how many sequels am I expected to sit through while the heroine does the exact same thoughtless shit, makes the exact same stupid mistakes, and experiences not one whit of personal growth?

Vicki Pettersson and Michelle Sagara apparently have mortgages to pay off, because I’ve read three books in series from each of them, and in each their heroines are just as self-centered and self-serving as they were in the first books. This appeals to who, exactly? People who like to watch others fail? As fun as that might be in real life (sarcasm), reading it in a fictional character’s journey it is just irritating. Your editors did tell you, ladies, that there must be some sort of progression in your books, did they not? If not, I’d get new editors, or at least figure that shit out for yourselves.

If the authors are attempting to portray anti-heroes, they are failing at that as well. The characters are just stubborn (not even in a cute way) and wrong in almost everything they do, which then gets rubbed in their faces by morally superior secondary characters…yet the heroines still do not change their ways. And they’ve been that way for THREE BOOKS now.

Well, ladies, I give up. Your “heroines” can plod on in their journeys of no-discovery without me. I’ve given you each roughly 20 dollars for the privilege of being frustrated and bored, and I can honestly get that for free just by turning on my television. Ta.