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Photos and Zoe Presents

I’ve spent the last four days or so going through every photograph we’ve taken lately (digital), with an eye towards pulling out those worthy of printing and/or showing.Flickr says we’ve posted a bit over two thousand images since starting up that account in late November of 2005. I post photos on Flickr I would never/ever dream of printing/showing, primarily because it’s a nice way to keep track of things, such as our observed Bird Species (88 and counting), and because I am often FAR more critical of our work than the general public might be, therefore the feedback I get there is very useful. (Sometimes.)

Now, I shoot a ratio of roughly 10 to 1 (that’s 10 photos for every 1 I keep), Husband shoots about 5 to 1. So, extrapolating from there (and assuming a 70/30 me/him ratio, since I’m the one who has the camera at home during the day), we’ve taken about SEVENTEEN THOUSAND digital images since we’ve owned the really good Nikon.

That said, guess how many the Husband and I deemed worthy of printing and/or showing?

About 100.

I’m not sure what that says about us…

In other news, we returned home from picking up the kiddos today to find that Zoe had brought me the Boy’s magic wand. For the first time since she started bringing things to me, I think I’m a little frightened…