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Perspective is Lacking

Not only do I not post about politics, but I generally don’t read much on that subject either. Anymore. My blood pressure, which actually tried to kill me during the birth of my first child, simply doesn’t need the challenge. The same moratorium applies to current events, world news…hell, sometimes even college football. I even try to avoid weblogs that make any of these things their prime source material. I am not completely cloistered here in the Bat Cave, however. I am kept mostly up to date on the important stuff, thanks to the Husband’s unfortunate addiction to News Radio (much like his inexplicable attraction to Folk Music, but that’s another show).Sometimes things get through the filters though. Like the case of the young man in NYC who has a predilection for dunking the holy book of the Ay-rabs into the crapper. It seems he’s been charged with a “hate crime,” which in layman’s terms equals two felonies.

Here comes the rant…

No, I don’t give a good goddamn if the Quran is dunked into a toilet. Nor do I give two shits if the Holy Bible is likewise treated. Nor the teachings of Confucius, the Book of the Dead, or even the Dogma of Larry. At best, the perpetrator should be charge with misdemeanor littering. At worst, made to pay for the water damage if the john actually got backed up. But two felonies? Are you serious? For hurting the someone’s widdle feewings? Who precisely did this kid damage with this act? I think the rats in the sewer probably do not count.

This nanny state bullshit has got to stop. Go with me here…there is no such thing as a hate crime. If there truly was then every single one of us would be guilty. I hate that drunken whore down the street who cranks up the car stereo and dances in her yard. She happens to be Latina. That doesn’t mean I hate inviduals of Latin extraction, it means I hate that particular drunk-ass decorum-lacking bitch. Yet if I go punch her in the face I could be charged with a hate crime because I’m white. (Though honestly, the American Indian card should trump everything, people.)

Setting up specific legislation for “hate” crimes means the law is now making judgement calls. And we all know how fucking stupid bureaucrats are…do we really want to trust them with this? A crime is something that harms someone, whether it’s monetarily or physically. Anything else is shenanigans.

This Quran-dunker could probably do with some counseling, sure, before he pops the cap on that anger bottle all over someone he loves. But doing time for two trumped-up felonies? I think not.