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The kitties go out back onto the enclosure-covered patio every day for their morning constitutional…bapping at spiders, fruitlessly stalking lizards outside the screen, and inexplicably dipping their paws into the pool.Before the rains finally came a little while ago, Zoe brought me a water wing (aka. floatie). Why?

In other news, despite a perpetual uniform of t-shirts/jeans, minimal makeup, and hair typically screwed back into a ponytail, I am an actual girl, and have not-so-hidden tastes for expensive handbags and gorgeous scents. I even had an actual favorite perfume once, a beautifully warm floral/vetivert combo made by The Body Shop called “Woman.” Picked it up in the Charlotte airport while on layover and happily used it until it was gone. And dudes, is that stuff ever GONE. Not even a trace of it remains on ebay, but that’s what happens when you get attached to something from a retailer instead of an actual perfume house…


The Boychild and I spent an hour this weekend annoying the little queen at the Dillard’s perfume counter, who knew not one damned thing about top or bottom NOTES (aheh), by insisting a sample card for almost everything there. And, let me tell you, not one drip of that mass-produced crap was wearable. Despairing, I remembered that Fred said something a while back about The Perfumed Court, wherein one could purchase leetle samples of expensive perfumes before dropping large amounts of scratch on a full size bottle.

So, off to The Perfumed Court for some note research and sample ordering. Today’s mail brought me the Beginning Naughty Girl sampler pack. Mona Di Orio’s Nuit Noire sucks on ice up top, acrid and just unwelcoming, and the drydown is only a little less snarly. Guerlain’s Jicky is not bad, but pales in comparison to the third sample… Bella Bellissima’s Perfect Night is glorious. It has a grapefruity top note that rapidly settles down into amber, cypress and vetivert. It’s luxurious and earthy (without resorting to the dankness of patchouli, thank the gods), and sets one dreaming of dancing skyclad around bonfires in the deep woods. It’s currently only available in the UK, but gods bless the internets, you can get it here.

Further reports to come as the samples roll in…