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Pay Attention

Left the house yesterday to pick up the kids from school, and was greeted with the sight of crime scene tape surrounding a neighbor’s house, along with sheriff’s department officers, and media cockroaches (including sodding helicopters). The full story is here. Short version: Mother cleaning house, 1 yr old and 3 yr old found unresponsive in a bathtub with about 8 inches of water. 1 yr old will recover, 3 yr old is dead.I cannot imagine the horror, the nightmare that woman will live in the rest of her life. And, based on the lack of general discipline we’ve observed at that house previously (kids running around outside naked/in diapers, kids playing inside parked cars), we can only hope she’s a bit more attentive in the future. Accidents happen, yes, but…but…but. Parents know the astonishing array of crap their kids can and will get into. Thinking tragedy will never happen to them is what causes stupid accidents like this.

I have to go hug my kids now.