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Well, today was to have begun the big post-vacation reporting, complete with scads of pictures from the gorgeous Huntsville Botanical Gardens…but I utterly lunched my right knee weeding our own garden after returning home this weekend, and am rather preoccupied with some truly epic pain at the moment. Dr. appointment today at 2-ish, with some primo meds hopefully to follow.

UPDATE: Nothing says loving like something in the oven a cortisone shot directly in the knee joint. Ow. Again. Ethyl chloride sprayed directly on the injection site is a wonderful thing, though. Watching the needle bend on the first stab attempt, then sink three inches into your flesh is less entertaining somehow. The relief was immediate, though it felt like an additional golf ball’s worth of fluid had been inserted behind the patella, and the nausea was a distinct turn-off. Still require assistance getting up from chairs/couches, but in general, progress seems to be, er, progressing.

Thanks for all the comments/emails, much appreciated! The doctor says I must be “Queen-like” for the next week…so come, my subjects, and finish weeding my veg garden!