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Ok, I *Might* Be Crazy

The rainy season has officially started here in central Florida, which means much less hose-wrangling going on…yet also means a great deal more radar-watching, especially with so many growing things depending on daily moisture.  And when you see the difference water from the sky makes in the plant-growing department, you get kind of…testy when your regularly-scheduled afternoon shower completely dissipates before reaching you.

Yes, I have been known to curse at the weather.  No, that doesn’t make me crazy.

I think.

No pictures yet, but I did manage to roughly outline the new side bed today, and get all those canna rhizomes in the ground (apparently “one” in nursery parlance actually equals about four).  We’re saving our pennies for our upcoming vacation in July and therefore NOT spending hundreds of dollars on mulch/border stones at Lowe’s, so this new bed is just going to have to continue in a half-finished state until we get back from vacation.

Which I do believe might drive me mad.

What can I say…I’m a finisher, I like to start things, work on things, then finish them. 

Well, you shouldn’t have ordered all those bulbs just then, should you? Oh shutup.  They were ON SALE, dammit.

And that makes it ok, yes.