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Oh No, Not a SERIOUS Post

It’s an interesting thing, this level of “farming” I’m doing this year.  My days have more routine now than they have had since the kids were tiny (read: more dependent), and I’m finding that, coupled with the time spent outside…weeding, watering, planting, transplating, taking pictures of it all…it is making a difference in my relative relaxation.  I’m much less tense at work.  Oh, they’re still just as stupid, but the bastards have to work *much* harder to do more than just make me laugh at their antics these days.

And, of course with all this activity, I feel better physically, getting more exercise and sunshine…if my knees will just hold out.  Any sort of torsion on the left one is brutally painful though, I’m afraid some joint replacement is in my future.  Until then there’s these magic things, the whirpool tub and lots of Advil.

Anyway, if you don’t have a garden, get one.  If you don’t have space, container garden.  Tomatoes will grow just fine in pots, as will most other things.  We’ve discovered a ton of veggies/fruits that we can grow in either pots or small garden spaces.  The reward is more than just fresh food on your table, hokey as it sounds, it is also a measure of peace.