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October 2008 Playlist

Gardening, driving, or picking through data-entry that leaves you baby-necking and drooling on your favorite keyboard, a good mix CD can make the difference between efficiency and a nice nap.  I like to make mixes by the month, typically a combination of old and new, and *always* eclectic.  


  1. Dance With Me Tonight: That Thing You Do! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  2. Shut Up and Let Me Go: The Ting Tings
  3. Lucky: Jason Mraz 
  4. You Don’t Know Me: Ben Folds (w/ Regina Spektor)
  5. Oxford Comma: Vampire Weekend
  6. Tamacun: Rodrigo y Gabriela
  7. Struggle: Ringside
  8. I’m Yours: Jason Mraz
  9. Twilight of a Champion: The The
  10. Go!: Tones on Tail
  11. Infected: The The
  12. Diablo Rojo: Rodrigo y Gabriela
  13. That’s Not My Name: The Ting Tings
  14. Out of the Blue (Into the Fire): The The
  15. Save a Prayer: Duran Duran
  16. In the Air Tonight: Phil Collins
Kindly pardon the crappy homemade youtube vids in some of the above.  Also the 80s hair and Phil Collins massive Limey head.