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Observations on Snack Chips and Useless Clothing

So, who has picked up a bag of Doritos X-13 and taken the Mystery Flavor challenge? Resist. Resist the temptation. The bag we got tasted like a hamburger. Yes, with pickles and ketchup and…way more than I ever want my snack chips to taste like, thank you very much.The challenge is supposed to be in choosing an appropriate name for the flavor in question, then logging onto the Doritos website and suggesting a name. We were so ready. Sure, the chips sucked, but the name we chose was cool: Backyard BBQ. It suggested it all, bbq chips dipped in the crap that fell off your overstuffed burger. (If that thought doesn’t turn your stomach, then congratulations.) The Doritos X-13 website is a frigging nightmare, however. Blessed with Mystery NavigationTM, you are required to navigate through a rather tedious Flash game before being allowed to submit your flavor name. Needless to say we didn’t bother.

I see now from the X13 website that the flavor was Cheeseburger. You don’t say.

Another thing perplexing me lately are these frigging Hollister-labeled clothes all the mallrats are sporting. Who the hell is Hollister and why is his name on that girl’s ass? Leaving out entirely the inappropriateness of wearing spankies with no cheerleading squad in sight, why do they require some name emblazoned across them? And why Hollister? You sense it could just as easily have been Smith. Or Peabody. Or something else equally as random.

Thimblerig. Now there’s a name for your ass.