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Note to Self

Next year, do this:

January:  Clean out beds, add fresh soil/compost/cow manure cocktail.

February: Start tomatoes, cucumbers, ground cherry, melons, strawberries and all herbs inside in peat pots.  

March: Transplant starters to boxes/pots outside.  Sow first corn crop.

April:  Start peppers in peat pots outside in the sun, they need HOT soil to germinate.  Sow carrots and onions.

May:  Sow more carrots and onions.

June:  Start of rainy (ie. whitefly) season.  Remove tomatoes/cucumbers/corn/melons (let the strawberries soldier on), and sow beans and even more carrots.

July:  Sow more carrots and onions.

August:  Stay inside in the air conditioning, emerging only to spray BT for caterpillars.

September:  Rainy season slacking off, so start new tomatoes, cucumbers and melons in peat pots.

October:  Transplant new starts into freshly turned/composted beds.  Clear out beans, sow fall corn crop and celery (under shade and inside the enclosure).  

November:  Sow lettuce, broccoli and other greens.

December:   Reflect on how much better the harvest was this year than last year.