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Not So Typical Saturday

My fine Husband and tolerable children decided to take me on an early Mother’s Day excursion today: an excursion to a nursery (because I want nothing more than MOAR PLANTZ!!!) followed by the incomparable Bruster’s for an ice cream lunch.  Knowing this in advance as I did, I set about searching for the local equivalent of the nursery Holy Grail, and pestered several locals via email for their input.  Two out of three recommended Kerby’s in Seffner, so off we went.  

I had intended to take more pictures than this:


But honestly, the fever was upon me.  They may not have quite the expanse of extras as Bennett’s but they more than made up for it in selection.  I, literally, have never seen that many fruit/nut-bearing trees/bushes in my entire life.  Lychee, guava, kumquat, Buddha’s hand, pecan, macadamia, etc. etc. etc.  

Roses…dozens and dozens of varieties (and us with no more room!).  Vines, daylilies, perennials, annuals, herbs, trees…  Even a butterfly house showing off how to use the various buddleias and milkweeds!  

After an hour or so tromping around (and numerous exertions of heroic self-restraint) we came away with this haul:


That’s a red passionflower vine, a pineapple, a jalapeno (since mine never sprouted), a Bronze Kiss gazania, Skullcap (scutellaria), Pincushion Flower (scabiosa), Candy Corn Flower (cuphea melvilla), and an Arapaho thornless blackberry….all for about $75 (the jalapeno came from Target).

I don’t care who you are, that’s a damned fine price for all those plantsies.  And a most excellent Mother’s Day present!