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No Nirvana For You

This morning I was playing with the dog with his very favorite toy in the world (the doughnut), when it rolled out the back door, across 20 feet of patio and plopped into the pool…where a largish beetle, who apparently had been looking for just such salvation, climbed aboard.  I retrieved the ring, shook the beetle off, and he plopped back into the pool.

I looked at the beetle, felt guilty, and used the ring to retrieve him, but he was rather insistent about hanging onto it this time.

So I whacked the ring against the enclosure to remove the beetle and turned back around to the dog…only to step square on the stupid bug.

Double sigh.

He must have done something **really** bad in a former life.

Zoe Presents update: 2 disposable razors and part of the jade plant from our bathroom. WTF? Oh, and a small brown frog.