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Need Better Dental

I honestly do not understand these people who get on the Intarwebz and have absolutely no clue about anything. Nor do they, apparently, want one.

When I finally decided it was time to see what this internets thing was all about, I did it during downtime whilst working for Boeing. *whistles innocently* I used tutorials and reverse-engineered code to teach myself about site building and FTP and HTTP and all the crap required to, you know, have a website.

Push-button site publishing, and of course blogging, came along some years later and any fucking idiot with opposable thumbs thought it’d be shthuper cool to have a presence on the web. Well, I’m happy to report that ass-picking morons are still crawling out of the sludge and putting up hideous frontpage-built shit every day. And they still neither have nor want a clue about how to accomplish the most basic of tasks.


And then there are those proprietors of high-traffic sites, who believe their stats relate directly to their penis size, and who rail and scream when the server (the exclusive use of which they are not paying for, by the way) inevitably buckles under the strain of their ape-like minions and their ever-so-eloquent flinging of poo.

You, sir, are not a special snowflake. Unless by “special” one means “requiring of transport via the diminutive bus,” or “goddammit, Timmy, put on your helmet before your brain falls out!”

Another day, another five layers of enamel ground off my molars.